Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Entry 19

I've been practicing my brains out for 3 live shows. Basically I've learned about 35 songs for our acoustic Travis & Alan restuarant gig. Its around the corner from the Earl in East Atlanta, so please stop by if you can. Also been practicing for the two Sealions shows, and putting together a small Six Ways reunion set. (That's my previous band.) This weekend we are starting the voice recordings for my animation side project, Bingo Wings, and I'm think that's going to be a lot of fun.

I've been chugging away at the corporate identity manuel, coming up with some good ideas. Still have to look into paper samples.

I also worked at a fair all weekend. In Gay, Georgia. I encountered many cotton pickin' country bumpkins. I could understand little that anyone said. I tried to get inspired there, but nothing much excited me besides the apple pies being sold across the way from our ice cream trailer. After 6 hours of talking them up, I had one, and was seriously let down. Here's another flyer for the show. They have good food there too. No apple pies, though.

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