Thursday, October 19, 2006

Entry 24

After seeing Farbod's album art "Best Of 2006" List, and Lee's "Best Of 1906", I thought I'd respond with some of the Most Terrible album art of...ever.

10 > Swamp Dogg. Rat On! (1971)

I've actually been having a rat problem at my house, and so this really bugs me. One of them looked right at me before scurrying off. Also, I guess Snoop wasn't the first one to use two G's in his name. Makes that nice long "G" sound. Rat On! What does that even mean?

9 > Thor. Keep the Dogs Away. (1978)

There seems to be a Dog theme here. This album cover may be bad, but Thor's music is pretty dang sweet if i do say so myself. And i do.

8 > Gerhard Polt. Leberkas Hawaii. (Unknown)

Is this guy edible? Are we supposed to eat his face? This record probably tastes better than it sounds.

7 > Devastatin' Dave, The Turntable Slave. Zip Zap Rap (1986)

Farbod actually likes to go to sleep to this record, so I won't make fun of it too much. Notice though, the placement of the word ZAP, I must say it is impeccable.

6 > The Brailettes. Our Hearts Keep Singing. (1968)

YIKES. I bet this sounds like a turd factory. And I don't feel bad about that comment.

I'll leave the top 5 a mystery for now. You can only imagine.

I'd also like to thank everyone that showed up for the Sealions show last night. Farbod, Lee, and Lee, that was much appreciated. We had a great turnout. Can't wait to play again soon.
Lee Summers took pictures, will have those up soon.


lee tesche said...

these are amazing. i like your list the best. but seriously, the brailettes? i would like to meet the label guy behind that marketing concept. wow. wouldnt that be weird if the next time you went in your closet, that guy was riding around one of the rats? and they both looked at you? craziness.

Lee said...

holy crap i want to listen to the brailettes.

hamburger help us said...

much like everything else, brailetes sound like boards of canada if they went all the way.