Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Entry 44

Today I went on an adventure by myself. Not so much an adventure, but just a trip to the zoo. But the zoo is an adventure!! (Cue phony music). Anyway, I went to take pictures of the carousel at the zoo for a school project I'm revising, and decided to enjoy the zoo while I was there. I really love the zoo. While I was taking pictures of the carousel, a man working there told me he was looking for a photographer for some future projects. So, I took his business card. Good thing I'm making some of my very own business cards this semester so I can exchange properly with people. I didn't tell him I was borrowing Lee's camera. I did tell him I'm a Georgia State student about to graduate in Graphic Design. He probably thought I was creepy taking pictures of little kids on the carousel at the zoo, and it didn't help that I was still wearing sweat pants from my ab workout earlier this afternoon. SO, the carousel ending having zoo animals on it rather than the traditional horse I was looking for, but the pictures are blurred on purpose and hopfeully it won't matter. It was fun. Here's some of the pictures I took of the zoo animals. Enjoy. I need an SLR Digital camera, they are sweeeeet.

Butt Scratch!

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