Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Entry 55

Well, I graduated. It's official. I've been workin' dippin' dots at turner field, and looking for jobs and trying to let my brain breathe. Applied to a number already. If anyone hasn't seen my website, head on over here: j trav.net

I will have some free time now that its summer to work on some more personal projects of my own. There's some large watercolor paintings I've been looking forward to, and a music video for a new track from our Sealions EP, Luna Park, will be in the works. Among other projects.

Done a few new designs four our band. Below is the new T-Shirt design, which is more intricate than the previous version a few posts earlier. And we had a birthday party photo shoot. Here's one of Berly's photos. They were taken with a large scale camera. Notice my awkward face. But I'm glad our band photos don't look like contrived band photos. They are all fun and different. I've also been creating the sealions website, located at sealionsmusic.com. I think its coming along nicely.

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