Monday, November 06, 2006

Entry 28

I found this article in the most recent issue of SPIN magazine and found it very interesting and inspiring. Yeah, I know, I talk about my band a lot, but I don't feel I've quite found our identity yet, visually. Our last EP had simple imagery, and was grayscale. We're recording a new record soon, and I want all the artwork to feel as cohesive as possible, and I'm excited to work around a theme and create unique and exciting original artwork, that could carry over to stickers, buttons, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.

I came across a few of Cold War Kids stickers at Criminal Records. I really love the style of their imagery. Fits their name, and recalls classic graphic design. I haven't heard much of thier music, but I like what I've heard. Nice use of Type. Clearly, Matt Maust is a very talented designer.

They have a nice website, with so many beautiful photos and artwork. Here's the cover of their Benefit at the District album.

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